Here's why they didn't renew:

We’re from Detroit and we recently had a great example of this occur in our own market. We work with an agency whose client uses 1-800-IDEAL-YOU, which they license from us. It seems like whenever I turn on the radio, I hear one of their ads. One day while listening to the same station I heard another ad for a bail bond company that used the number 855-264-2245. In this spot they asked people to stop what they were doing and put that phone number into their phones for future use. After hearing that ad I called them and suggested they use our number 1-800-SOS-BAIL. The owner said he wished he knew about us and 1-800-SOS-BAIL before running his ad and that he had already spent his advertising budget on the radio ad he was currently running. He said he did not get any calls and would not be renewing his radio ad. He must have been telling the truth because I’ve never hear their ad run again.  

This really highlights the value of our vanity numbers. They make radio advertising more effective. They make your clients happy, loyal customers.

"We know we can contact Ignition anytime and have a great number instantly.  I recommend them to anyone looking to pitch a new client or to help existing clients improve branding and increase direct response."

Ignition Toll-Free specializes in high quality vanity numbers. Our process for getting you a great number for your client is simple:

  1. Contact Ignition with the type of number you are looking for. (i.e. contractor or medical)

  2. We will send you several options along with pricing.
  3. Then just make your selection and tell us where the number should ring to.

"Being able to pitch a prospective client with a truly unforgettable number that fits them perfectly is invaluable. It really makes you stand out."

All Numbers Include 24/7 Real-Time Call Tracking & Recording

Increased Response

Referrals & Benefits

Make Everyone Happy

High quality vanity numbers deliver big results. Studies show increases in response of up to 58% compared with regular phone numbers.  And inbound calls convert to sales 14x more than web leads.

Do you have clients in the same industry advertising on your station? With Ignition's vast selection of high quality numbers you never have to worry about offering one client a great number and not the other. We've got you covered.

Ignition values its relationships with radio sales teams and that's why we offer our best pricing to them. On top of that, we also offer a residual referral program so that you make more when your clients more.

Call Tracking & Recording

Custom Greetings & Menus

Enhanced Routing Options

24/7 call logs are accessible via our CallReporting web platform. Check in on your client's success and provide detailed logs to them on demand.

Ignition can create customized greetings and advanced menu options for your client. Greetings can be professionally recorded and menu options can ensure all calls to your client go to the appropriate line in the most efficient manner possible.

Whatever your client's needs are, Ignition can accommodate them. From GPS routing to rotational ringing options, we can create a platform that makes sales easier.

Offer your clients an unforgettable advantage with a vanity number from Ignition

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We understand that in order for you to sell confidently you need to be fully informed.

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Hear the difference vanity

numbers make:

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about this"

Vanity numbers generate incredible results on radio

  1. Vanity phone numbers generate 58% more calls than numeric phone numbers on radio.
  2. Vanity numbers increase response 14x more than numeric numbers on radio.
  3. 72% of consumers can correctly recall a vanity number after hearing a 30-second spot.
  4. Vanity numbers on radio generate three times more appointments than numeric phone numbers.
  5. Consumers correctly recall vanity numbers 69% of the time compared to 15.3% for URLs, making them 78% less effective than a vanity number.






- Actual quote from business owner that did not renew their radio advertising

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